We're recruiting an all-star Dev Lead

Whether it's calling the shots or jumping into the action, you're a seasoned developer with a passion for helping your team come out on top.

Ok, cheesy sports puns mostly aside, what exactly are we shooting for 😅 in a Dev Lead?


Technical depth

You have been developing for a minimum of 5 years and possess a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Craft CMS, and DevOps.


Project smarts

You love solving challenging problems, engaging with clients, and helping direct and oversee the technical execution of projects from A→Z.


Effective leadership

You have a passion for helping the team you're overseeing succeed, taking ownership of timelines, pace, and assignments to ensure success.

Wait, who are these people? Steadfast is a full-service design firm located in historic downtown Wake Forest, near Raleigh, NC. For over 10 years, our reputation has formed around two qualities—top-notch handcrafted design and exceptional service. These characteristics have helped us form multi-year partnerships with many companies that were looking for an alternative to the big-agency experience.

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Remote friendly

Based in the Raleigh, NC area and open to remote hires willing to travel in once or twice a year for great food and company

Take what you need

Unlimited vacation, all major holidays off, and shut down the last week of the year

We've got you covered

Health Insurance / Vision / Dental / 401k

Come grow with us

Competitive salary and opportunities for advancement

Back to the subject at hand—the Dev Lead position. Let's talk about what's important to us and answer a few of your questions.

An overview of the role...

At Steadfast, the Dev Lead is a leadership role that combines elements of planning, directing, creating, and mentoring. The Dev Lead is responsible for overseeing the technical execution of projects from start to finish. This begins with assisting our leadership team, Project Manager, and/or client with planning and providing technical insight at the start of the project.

With a strong grasp of all key technologies utilized by the team, the Dev Lead sees the big picture and puts the right pieces together to ensure sound technical execution for each project. With an organized and detail-oriented approach, they follow that thread through to launch, ensuring that all project requirements have been met and the end product is polished.

Finally, the Dev Lead is an internal advocate for our development team, helping formulate best practices, facilitate individual team member growth and development, and equip the team with direction and best practices that assist new team members as they come on board and position the team for success.

What are the skill requirements?

  • 5+ years of development experience
  • Ability to write semantic, accessible, and search-engine friendly code
  • Cross browser, responsive, and touch-friendly development experience
  • Deep expertise and knowledge in HTML5+, CSS3+, Vanilla JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Experience with Tailwind and other CSS frameworks
  • Basic understanding of UX and UI
  • Extensive experience with Craft CMS
  • Advanced PHP knowledge
  • Experience with Vue and other modern frameworks
  • Experience with Git and version control
  • Experience with NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, etc.
  • DevOps experience (working knowledge of Docker, server setup and configuration, DNS management, and deployment strategy)

What are the personal requirements?

  • Ability to collect requirements and effectively plan projects from A → Z
  • Team leadership experience and strong communication and problem solving skills
  • Strong grasp of individual and team member time management

What are the responsibilities?

  • Manage task assignments, conduct code reviews, and monitor the pace and quality of the deliverables throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Play an active role in writing code and contributing to projects. Over time, as the development team continues to grow (and management and planning needs increase), the Dev Lead will slowly transition out of production and focus primarily on operations, technologies, team leadership, and project oversight.
  • When necessary, work directly with clients to gather requirements, break down complex elements of a project in an easy-to-understand manner, and assist the Project Manager in providing more in-depth progress updates.
  • Work hard to understand the unique skillsets, strengths, and responsibilities of individual team members and make an effort to match project assignments, pace, and deadlines accordingly.
  • Regularly touch base with the team in order to anticipate road blocks and put solutions in place to keep projects on course.
  • Maintain awareness of burnout, frustration, or other factors that may impact performance and find ways to encourage and support the team.
  • Help form internal processes and standards that enable us to move through projects more efficiently, grow the team, and consistently deliver a quality end product. This includes standardizing aspects of our development operations, defining technologies in use, and other factors that may help streamline the build process and lay out a clear toolset for current and future developers.
  • Remain active in the field, monitoring new developments and staying up-to-speed on the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Assist in bringing new team members on board, helping them become familiar with our technologies, processes, and standards.

Qualities that are important to us...

  • Assume full ownership of a project’s technical execution
  • Proactively communicate and solve problems
  • Keep things moving—no matter what
  • Be the developers’ advocate
  • Know when to help, and when to give someone the space to figure it out
  • Remain transparent—let your team know the “why” behind decisions

Our team

The faces behind the names

Rob Hewitt

Creative Director and Dev Lead*

Taylor Tsantles

Founder and Creative Director

Tiffany Whitaker

Print Operations

Tori Allen

Project Manager

Kelly Phillips

Web & Brand Designer

Jen Reynolds

Web & Brand Designer

Jalen Davenport

Web Developer

Gary Ramirez

Web Developer

*This new position will become a dedicated role and Rob Hewitt will move to become a full-time Creative Director

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